How Healthcare Reform Impacts the Nursing Profession

On March 30, 2010, President Obama signed The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, which finalized the passing of healthcare reform. Much has been said about what the bill does for patients. By 2014, 32 million Americans who currently don’t have insurance will be insured thanks to subsidies, tax credits, and an expansion of Medicaid.

Nursing Professions:
While not much has been said about how the bill impacts healthcare professionals, included in the bill are provisions which positively impact the nursing profession. Some of these provisions include:

1. Reauthorization of Title VIII Workforce Development Programs

The programs are the primary source of funding for nursing education. These programs include:
  • Advanced Education Nursing
  • Workforce Diversity Grants
  • Nurse Education, Practice and Retention Grants
  • National Nurse Service Corps
  • Nursing student and nurse faculty loan programs

2. Increased funding for Nurse Managed Clinics

Establishes $50 million grant program to expand the number of nurse managed clinics

3. Demonstration Provision for Graduate Nursing Education

Increases funding for clinical education for graduate nursing students.

4. Increased Funding for National Health Service Corps

Increases funding from $75 million to $300 million yearly.

5. Creation of National Heathcare Workforce Commission

The commission will be a 15 member group (to include nursing professionals) to address the needs and concerns of healthcare workers and act as a liaison to Congress and the President.

6. Increased Funding for Nurse-Family Home Visit Partnerships

These programs partners an RN with a first-time, low-income mother. The RN provides home visits for two and a half years.

7. Increased Funding for School Based Health Centers

Provides $200 million dollars for preventative and primary healthcare centers to be housed on school campuses for under- and uninsured students. These centers are staffed by nurses and nurse practioners.

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