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The Monthly Newsletter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

November 2008

Volume 2, Number 11

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·   A Message from the President

·   Accessing Healthcare

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Meet the Board: Rosario Medina-Shepherd


Rosario Medina-Shepherd PhD, ARNP, BC; RN, BC is originally from New York City-The Bronx.  She is a first generation Puerto Rican American raised with strong Hispanic influences (strong faith and belief in family).  Her nursing practice spans over 27 years in various roles throughout New York City and Florida. Presently, she is faculty at Florida Atlantic University: Christine E Lynn College of Nursing in the Nurse Practitioner program. Through a sixteen year span of teaching she has maintained bedside and Nurse Practitioner skills at various culturally diversified clinics in Broward County Florida. Her “hands on”, perspective has assisted in bringing life to theoretical concepts, particularly in areas of cultural practice and sensitivity.  As a Hispanic Nursing Faculty and Nurse Practitioner, Rosario is responsive to disproportionate representation of Hispanic mentors and leaders. She strives at setting paths for others, who like her, want to expand their knowledge and practice in caring for the underprivileged and underserved Hispanic population.


Rosario has served as a Board member and director of NAHN By-Laws for two elected terms. Presently, she is serving as Vice President where she endeavors to assist the President, Board, and membership in maintaining a viable and reputable nursing organization. Ms. Medina-Shepherd can be reached at:

Hispanic Heritage Month


As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, The Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs (GCHA) hosted the 2008 Hispanic Heritage Awards Luncheon on October 15th in Baltimore, MD.  GCHA recognizes outstanding leaders and champions in the community that strive for progress and improvement in the quality of life of Hispanics in Maryland. Representing NAHN Arilma St. Claire, Secretary of the Washington DC chapter, heard from key note speaker Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa “Brilliant 10 Scientist” on inspiration and determination.  She also spoke personally with Yoland Maria Welch, Chair of GCHA, about possible collaboration with NAHN in the future. 


For more information on Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa visit:


For more information on GCHA visit:

A Message from the President


Our Annual leadership retreat will be held on January 23rd and 24th at the Crowne Plaza hotel in San Antonio, TX.  The foci will be 1) to listen to the concerns of our chapter presidents and how we can help each other to resolve them, 2) listen to their accomplishments and celebrations, 3) do a strategic plan as to where we see our organization 5 years from now and how are we going to get there. Thank you for your continued support.  Chapter Presidents should contact to register.


Recently I wrote a letter to all members about having our voices heard. In order for us to do this we must be unified and increase our membership. I am asking each of us to be responsible for enrolling 2 to 3 new members in 2009 and bring them with you to our national conference which will be held from July 21-24 in San Antonio at the Crowne Plaza hotel. Please consider participating on a national committee especially membership; contact Armando Riera, chair of membership committee, for further information

Accessing Healthcare


Congratulations to Kelly Guzman, Los Angeles Chapter Board member for being published in the October 2008 JONA.  Ms. Guzman’s article, “An Operational Guide for Transition Planning”, describes a process for successful transition planning to new medical facilities.  With nearly $200 billion of healthcare construction expected by the year 2015, it is important for nurse leaders to expand their knowledge and capabilities of healthcare design.


To view the full article visit:;jsessionid=JRbP7p2QpJGKhq44zJHfjY2T0cs1TJGlBhVSGdG1YQ53sZgG1Zsh!-1157023329!181195628!8091!-1


The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University is in search of Hispanic nurses, concerned with ethics, who want to participate on a project that examines the provision of culturally competent health care for Hispanic patients in the US.  They are interested for nurses to write a short ethics/cultural commentary examining bioethical and Hispanic cultural issues raised in the center’s study cases.  They hope to provide Hispanic insight and expectation into health care and address issues of cultural competency with respect to Hispanic/Latino patients.


For more information on the overall project visit:


For information on how to participate  (use “cultural competency” in subject line)

Health Policy & Legislation


Dear Members:


We have a new president. Regardless of who you supported we have made history by electing the first black president in the United States. Obama's victory creates the prospect of a new America. This America is more optimistic. We are a country that retains its ability to have the world look at us - and in a good way, with our freedom. So I am asking you NAHN members, “What role are we going to play with this new administration?” We are in a key position to make an impact in decisions being made regarding health, economics, global warming, the war, etc.

We will do this by making sure that our voices are heard and the only way we can do this is to become unified as an organization. We must increase our membership and be united. There is power in numbers. Let us also continue to be involved first in our community, then our state, and then nationally. Do not be afraid to have your voice heard. Speak Out! Speak Out as a chapter, as a member, and most of all as a Latino/Latina. Remember we cannot endorse but we have the right to Speak Out!

I will be sending President-Elect Obama a congratulatory letter on behalf of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. I will further let him know that we want to be involved when it comes to making decisions on issues dealing with Hispanics and health.


Con Cariño,

Norma Martinez Rogers, PhD, RN, FAAN


Industry News Links:


The RWJ Foundation for Nursing Scholars is offering funding for junior faculty in Nursing Schools and offers a very nice to focus up to 75% of her/his time to research.  The program goal is to assist nurses develop into academic researchers and expand the opportunities to train more nurses. For more information contact or check out the program announcement:


The Northwest Chicago Area Chapter of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (NWCAC-AACN) will hold its 35th Annual Midwest Conference March 8-11, 2009 in Lincolnshire, IL.  For more information contact: Jodi Gunther, RN at or (847) 526-5865.  For vendor information contact: Zita Nadal at


The National Advisory Mental Health Council Workgroup on Research Training entitled “Investing in the Future” is now available on the NIMH Web site. To view the PDF of the report visit: