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The Monthly Newsletter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

August 2008

Volume 2, Number 8

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Meet the Board – President Elect Angie Millan

I have been a proud and active member of NAHN for over 14 years. I have served as President, Vice President, and Board member for the Los Angeles Chapter as well as a Board member for National. Like all of our chapters, the Los Angeles Chapter strives to be very active the community, securing students with scholarships, mentorship, education and outreach.


Now, as President-Elect, I have a new mission to assist our National President, Norma Martinez Rogers, and the members of the board. Together, we will work to build and strengthen our leadership at the National and Local levels of our organization and continue to advance the mission and goals of NAHN.

NAHN Student Association


The 33rd annual NAHN Conference, held in Boston, MA, introduced members to the Students Association and presented an opportunity for the students to learn about their new organization first-hand. Their reactions to it were extremely positive. Ana Jimenez traveled from Irving, Texas to attend, and she said she “loves the idea of the development of the Students Association. This association will help us, nursing students, learn from each other learning and study strategies to succeed in nursing school” Another student, Jorge Prada, said he was especially appreciative of “the vote of confidence and acceptance that our new Board of Directors gave to The Students Association.”


Students shared an interest in the organization and expressed a desire to make the organization mutually beneficial to their own goals as well as those of NAHN. After attending the conference, Francisca Camacho said it “empowered me to try to become more pro-active as a student in NAHN.” If this enthusiasm continues, it will likely foster a much more connected membership when these students graduate and seek full membership.


More importantly, it will further engage students in their studies and the nursing profession. Allowing students control of their own organization “allows us to be on an equal level with each other” says Nina Gonzalez. This can “better enhance leadership and mentoring skills and… facilitate our professionalism” before students even leave the classroom.

NAHN 2009 Conference and Call for Abstracts


Although it has only been a month since the conference in Boston, many people have already started asking about the 2009 NAHN annual conference. Angie Millan, president-elect, will soon be going to San Antonio to see the conference site. She will be posting information about the conference on the website after she has visited.


This information will include a call for Abstracts. Nurses, educators, students, researchers, and policy makers are invited to submit abstracts to be considered for presentations at the NAHN 2009 annual conference. Completed packets must be received electronically by 5:00 p.m. EST on or before January 15, 2009. Additional guidelines will be posted on the website.



NCEMNA invites ethnic minority nurse researchers and students to submit abstracts for poster presentation Annual research conference. Abstracts of completed or on-going studies focusing on expanding the knowledge base to alleviate health disparities of ethnic minority populations are invited. Deadline for Abstract Submission is October 1, 2008. Find these details and more information about NCEMNA member organizations at:

Health Policy & Legislation


S. 1213 Children’s Express Lane to Health Coverage Act of 2007 introduced by Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) in 2007. This bill will streamline the enrollment process for Medicaid or The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by meeting the eligibility criteria for nutrition assistance (WIC) or other similar public programs. During these times of high gasoline prices, mortgage foreclosures and increase cost of food may lead to more uninsured children. This bill will foster more timely relief to the children.


S. 1262 Health Technology to Enhance Quality Act of 2005 introduced by Sen.William Frist (R-TN), Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) This bill calls for the establishment of standards in providing healthcare technology to the providers. This will be achieved by establishing a permanent position of the Office of the National Coordinator for Information Technology within the Department of Health and Human Services. This office will improve patient care, reduce cost, and enhance efficiency by the electronic health record (EHS) replacing the paper-based patient records. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimates 44,000 to 98,000 people die from medical errors. Approximately $300 billion is spent on healthcare interventions that do not improve outcomes according to President Bush’s Technology Agenda. EHS will provide a safer, seamless delivery of healthcare.


Mirian Zavala contributed to this article.

Upcoming Events


AOHP National Conference

AOHP hosts one of the largest national conferences for Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare. Attendees included employee/occupational health nurse & physicians, infection control practitioners, risk management, safety officers, human resource administrators/management and case managers.


The 2008 annual National Conference will be held on September 17 – 20, 2008 at Denver, CO.  This educational event is titled “Reaching New Heights in Colorado.” To learn more, visit


Steps that Count Walk in DC

On Sunday, September 28th, you can enjoy food, beverages and live entertainment as the American Kidney Fund is hosting Steps that Count, a 4 mile, no fee, non-competitive walk with aims to raise funds for those with kidney disease, awareness for those at risk, and hope for those affected by kidney disease. The walk will begin and end at the beautiful Georgetown Waterfront on 30th and K Street. A walk route of one mile is available for those who would like a shorter stroll. Registration opens at 7:30 am and the walk begins at 8:00 am.

A Message from the President

The Executive Board has been in contact with each other frequently to discuss potential sponsorships with agencies that would like to work with NAHN. The Executive Board plans to have a conference call the first week of September. Once we have our meeting then I will call a meeting with the whole board. After all of that, there will be a conference call with chapter presidents to give them an update as to what is occurring. Our goal is to keep you informed as we pursue these new relationships.

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