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The Monthly Newsletter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

February 2009

Volume 3, Number 2

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A Message from the President


President Norma Martinez-Rogers and President-elect Angie Millan spent two days in Washington, DC last week to meet with Congressional offices about some of the challenges facing Hispanic nurses and the NAHN Mentorship Program. It was an intense couple of days with meetings at almost fifteen different offices on capitol hill. NAHN is working to secure federal funding through the fiscal year 2010 appropriations process.


While in DC, I asked to be given a voice in the Hispanic Congressional Caucus. I emphasized that Hispanic nurses are the most qualified people to discuss the health issues of Hispanics. All Congressmen were receptive to this idea. We have a lot of work ahead of us if we want to get our organization in a position to be recognized as the voice for all Hispanic nurses. We must unite and work towards increasing our membership. The question that was consistently asked was, "How many members do you have?" There is power in numbers. I encourage each of you to take a new member to your chapter meetings and to bring them to our national conference. Let us treat each other with professionalism and respect so we can fulfill the mission of our association.


NAHN headquarters is frequently being asked to make corrections on various issues such as change of email address, change of contact information, change of chapter residency, etc. Because of so many requests we have decided to devote the last week of each month to make these changes. Please continue to submit requests to headquarters but realize that corrections will wait until the last week. Thanks for your understanding.


We are pleased to announce that NAHN website is getting a new look and an online membership application. Check out the new site at We welcome your questions or comments regarding the website as we want to make it user friendly. Please send them to as we will update the site at the end of every month. Included on the website is a questionnaire from Hilda Moralez for her dissertation. We encourage NAHN members to participate and support a fellow member by taking the questionnaire.


NAHN has written a letter of support to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to encourage the use of seat belts among Hispanics. We hope to work with them in the future on this topic.


NAHN has also extended its support to the National Nursing Network Organization (NNNO) for their work on the Office of the National Nurse initiative. We hope this legislation will pass and the Office of the National Nurse will be established within the Office of the Surgeon General. To learn more visit the NNNO’s website at:


The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) has just released a publication titled, “Environmental Management of Pediatric Asthma: Guidelines for Health Care Providers. NAHN believes these guidelines are important and has extended its support in hopes that health care providers will integrate these guidelines into their daily practice.


2009 Conferences


NAHN’s Annual Conference will be held this year in San Antonio, July 21-24 at the Crowne Plaza Riverwalk Hotel. We have already received more than 85 abstracts for the conference, including work from Spain, Chile and Mexico. The conference is a great opportunity to celebrate NAHN, network with colleagues and earn continuing education units. For more information please visit our website.


On January 23rd & 24th, over forty NAHN Board Members and Chapter Presidents attended a Leadership Retreat in San Antonio. Participants worked on strategic planning for the organization and heard presentations from the conference planner and website administrator. Chapter presidents and board members shared best practices and networked throughout the constructive weekend. Terrie Garcia, the Wisconsin Chapter President, said after the conference, “I had a great time at the meeting in San Antonio.  It was very productive and well planned!”

NAHN Members in the News             


Congratulations to Maria Matza, RN, BSN, MSN, APN a NAHN member of the Orange County chapter. She has received one of two Educational Advancement Awards from the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) for the 2009 award year. She will be attending the NASN Annual Conference in Boston to receive this award. This is a very prestigious award as this was a "blind" review process. She will use this money to continue her doctoral studies. Way to go Maria!


The National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations (NCEMNA) has selected their Mentors and Mentees for 2009. In the process of accomplishing their goals, NCEMNA selects mentors to help new researchers achieve their goals. Mentors are accomplished researchers and thus, are able to advise those new to nursing, the mentees. The Mentees are: Jimmy Reyes, Desiree Diaz, Norma Rose, Jessica Planas, Elizabeth Florez, Maria Dominguez-Wilson, Rosario Medina-Shepherd, Maria Matza, Eugenia Millender, Denise Contreras, Jacqueline Perry, and Lisa Maria Diaz. The Mentors are: Norma Cuellar, Maithe Enriquez, Nelda Martinez, Carmen Paniagua, and Gloria Juarez. NCEMNA is a unified force advocating for equity and justice in nursing and healthcare for ethnic minority populations. NAHN is one of the five associations which make up NCEMNA.



NAHN is currently accepting nominations for annual awards and scholarships. Please consider nominating a NAHN member who has a recognized commitment to excellence in nursing and has distinguished clinical expertise; all applications are due March 14. Check out our website for an application and guidance at


The National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations (NCEMNA) will hold its 5th Annual Conference March 13-15. The conference titled “Creating Research Careers: Leading the Way” will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico this year. The keynote speaker will be Loretta Sweet Jemmott, PhD, FAAN, RN and will include topics about networking, cultural diversity and cultural competency. More information can be found on their website at:

Growth Films is looking for a female Hispanic senior for the lead role in an independent feature film project that will start shooting in April 2009, working title, The Pursuit of Loneliness. The film company is looking for a non-actor who is aged 70+ years. Fluency in English is not a requisite. The film will shoot entirely in the Los Angeles region. Contact Laurence at for more information.



President Obama signed the SCHIP legislation on Wednesday, February 4th that will extend health insurance to approximately four million low-income children. This is the first step towards his promise of universal health care. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it is, “the beginning of the change that the American people voted for in the last election.”


Nationalized Health Insurance legislation (H.R. 15) was introduced by John Dingell (D-MI) on January 6, 2009 to the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Energy and Commerce. This intends to create a national health insurance system. This act allows eligible individuals, who are defined as low income, to be provided with hospital services, medical services, and other personal health services as swiftly as possible.

Industry News Links


Groups like the American Nurses Association and the Tri-Council for Nurses are working to put nurses in the Obama Administration in high ranking positions. The nurses are advocating for nursing education and research and believe that top nurses are the only ones qualified to address these topics within the administration. Former President Clinton had three nurses in Federal level positions, the most for any President thus far. Phyllis R. Schultz, RN, PhD, FAAN, has said the Obama administration is looking with a broad vision for improving the health of the population and is hopeful that the President will consider as many, if not more, nurses than the Clinton administration.


Health officials have been rejoicing at the slow start to the flu season, but the number of cases being reported currently on the rise. Virginia is the first state to report a widespread outbreak of the virus and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that influenza might spread rapidly in the next six to eight weeks. Health officials are encouraging everybody to receive a flu shot.


There is expected to be a nursing shortage of one million nurses by the year 2020. Some causes of this shortage are that there are not enough teachers to teach nursing students, decreased funding for training programs and difficult working conditions. To try and compensate for the shortage, employers are hiring nurses from overseas. In 2007 one fourth of the nurses hired were trained outside of the United States.