by admin on June 17, 2010

by Norma Martínez Rogers, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

This is a message from one NAHN member to another. It’s time to make major decisions about whether or not, we as members of NAHN, are going to play a major role in this coming election. Voting is a major responsibility. If we don’t vote then all we can do is blame ourselves. If you don’t vote, don’t gripe about what is happening around you. You gave up that right when you did not take the time to vote.

Two years ago, in NAHN, we had the opportunity to elect someone of our own choice. This may not have occurred because we did not submit our vote. We had less than 10 percent of our membership vote. This occurs because we continually have some of the lowest turnout in voting. Unfortunately we do not take the time to vote.

By June 21st we have the opportunity again to take charge of who becomes leaders in our association.. “Are we going to do that?” We all know that the only way we will do that is by voting. Our voice counts only if we mark the ballot and send it back. We have candidates who have shown conviction and commitment to NAHN by taking the risk to run for offices. Some have shown so much commitment that they are running again. I say let us as NAHN members show that we are responsible, concerned members by voting and making an impact in this year’s election. Tomen el tiempo para votar.