Membership Overview

National Membership

As a member of NAHN, you have a voice in national issues impacting
the health care of Hispanics. All members are eligible to participate
in NAHN activities, to be candidates for NAHN elected positions, and
participate in the election of NAHN board members. Benefits of
membership include continuing education, professional networking, and
leadership development.

Local Chapter Membership

Local chapters provide members with the opportunity to the address
issues impacting health care of Hispanics at the local and state
levels. Benefits of chapter membership include local continuing
education, professional and social networking.

Membership Application ( Online)

Membership Status Issues
Please direct any specific membership status issues or questions to
Your local chapter president (see contact info CHAPTER PRESIDENT CONTACT LINK) or
National Association of Hispanic Nurses
1455 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Ste 400
Washington, DC 20004
202-387-2477 phone
202-483-7183 fax