NAHN Nurse In The News

NAHN’s National Secretary Fortuna Borrego, RN, MSN is featured in an article in, Nursing News:

Nurses Rated As Most Trusted Professionals explores the reasons why nurses rank at the top of Gallup’s 2008 annual “Honesty and Ethics of Professions” survey for the seventh straight year.  84 percent of Americans rated nurses as being the most honest and having the highest ethical standards of all professionals.

Being in a hospital disrupts patients’ routines and removes much decision making, yet nurses help restore some of that control, added Tuni Borrego, RN, MSN, director of nursing of med-surg and telemetry at Memorial Hospital West in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and Broward County chapter president and national secretary of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.

“Nurses are upfront with them,” said Borrego, adding that the relationship begins with the admission assessment. “You have to create the bond and show you are worthy of the trust.”

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