Call For Abstracts


National Association of Hispanic Nurses

34th Annual Conference

Hispanic Nurses: Creating Pathways to Reduce Health Disparities

July 21st-24th, 2009

Crowne Plaza Riverwalk Hotel, San Antonio, TX


Nurses, educators, students, researchers, and policy makers are invited to submit abstracts to be considered for presentations at the NAHN 2009 annual conference, Hispanic Nurses: Creating Pathways to Reduce Health Disparities. Abstracts will be accepted for oral and poster presentations. Abstracts will be considered for the following categories:

  1. Issues in Hispanic health disparities;
  2. Hispanic healthcare research;
  3. Policy development;
  4. Issues related to rural Hispanic healthcare;
  5. behavioral and social environmental issues in Hispanic healthcare.

Abstracts can be submitted for more than one presentation category..

  • The poster presentation requires that the author be available by their poster to present during the designated poster session. The poster should be at least 4 feet by 3 feet.

Abstracts with a clinical focus strongly encouraged.


A maximum of two abstract submissions per person will be permitted.

  1. Title of the abstract (typed in capital letters) on the first line.
  2. Specify the program track (1, 2,3, or 4) on line 2.
  3. Specify you are submitting for: Presentation, Poster or Either on line 3.
  4. List the presenting author first (first name, last name and credentials) on line 4.
  5. List institution/agency on line 5.
  6. List contact information and include email) on line 6.
  7. Skip two lines and type the abstract, singlespaced, using Times New Roman or Arial font size 12, with one inch margins on all sides. The abstract is limited to one 8 ½ X 11 page (no exception) written in Microsoft Word.
  8. Submit abstract as an email attachment.

  9. Email a completed biographical data form and disclosure form (download forms: and abstract to:

  10. Receipt of confirmation will be sent back to the first author via email.
    Acceptance of abstracts will be sent 2 weeks after confirmation of receipt.
    The first author will be given a reduced conference registration fee upon acceptance of abstract (reduced rate is per person not per abstract).
    The deadline for abstract submission is open.

In order for your abstract to be reviewed, we require that you follow each guideline listed above. Upon acceptance of your abstract, you will be sent detailed information about setting up your abstract and specific conference.

If you have any questions or need further information, contact:

Sherece McGoon email:

Phone (210) 5675850

Download Forms

Call for Poster Abstracts 2009 (PDF Format)

Biographical Disclosure Form (MS Word 2003)

NAHN Sponsor Exhibit Media Kit (PDF Format)

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